June 11, 2016
Visit to Tsitsernakaberd

On June 10 Participants and jury members of the 12th Aram Khachaturian International Competition visited the Armenian Genocide Museum-institute and laid flowers on the Eternal Flame of the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial.

Jury member of the competition, Mark Hildrew noted that he is well informed about the Armenian Genocide. He got acquainted with this historical page of the Armenian people while communicating with Armenian musicians.

“They told me about the Armenian Genocide quite a lot. The atrocities done by the Germany in the last century can be compared with the Armenian Genocide. We hope, these crimes will never ever appear in our lives but nevertheless nowadays it seems that the history is repeating itself. See what’s happening in Syria. We should learn from our past to prevent the possible atrocities”.

While talking about the competition, Mark Hildrew said that it has being organized in such a high level and the participants are so professional.

“It was pretty hard for us to choose just 4 contestants out from the 12. But I think they deserve it”.