May 26, 2016
Michalis Economou highlighted the Aram Khachaturian International Competition

As you may know, the jury members of the Aram Khachaturian International Competition are Yuri Davtyan (RA National Artist), Mark Hildrew (Great Britain), David Whelton (Great Britain), Michalis Economou (Greece), Thomas Yaksic (Brazil/Chile), Constantine Orbelian (USA) and Vag Papian (Israel/Armenia). 

According to the conductor Michalis Economou, this competition can be totally considered as a highly important event in the musical world. "Young musicians get a chance to participate in this feast and win a trophy. facts that will definitely change the entire life of those participants. For many years Khachaturian Competition has been held in various specialities and always in a professional level". Due to Mr. Economou, a quiet great selection of works is featured in the program. "Those are world's classical masterpieces of Haydn, Beethoven, as well as 20th century composers Brahms and Tchaikovsky and of course of great Aram Khachaturian. They will allow us to judge and identify the best qualities of the participants". 

Speaking about the tendency in development of conducting, Economou emphasized that year by year conducting becomes more competitive.

“There are excellent schools and pedagogues in the world, plenty of master classes and competitions. Nowadays, it is not that easy to become a conductor. Musicians are our greatest critics, and in many cases they are the ones deciding our future. It’s a profession demanding perfection in every aspect and doesn’t forgive any mistake,” the conductor confesses.

Speaking about Aram Khachaturian, Michalis Economou said that being a violinist he was very excited as a child to discover Khachaturian’s Violin Concerto. “I’ve performed it several times, afterwards I’ve conducted Khachaturian’s Violin Concerto. Khachaturian is one of the best composers in music history. He managed to interweave the best qualities of ethnic and national Eastern music putting them in Western forms”.