Diplomas are waiting for their owners
Our Honorary Jury and Guests
Mark Hildrew, Thomas Yaksic and David Whelton
David Whelton, Elizbieta Penderecka and Algimantas Treikauskas
Elizbieta Penderecka
Elizbieta Penderecka awards the prize to Miran Vaupotić
Our stunning volunteer Tamara Harutyunyan
Thomas Yaksic awards the prize to Beatrice Venezi
Beatrice Venezi will be the assisting conductor of the SYOA during 2016/2017 season
Special thanks to Armine Grigoryan and Karen Shahgaldyan
Artistic Administrator and Casting Director at Theatro Municipal de Sao Paulo Thomas Yaksic
And the award goes to June-Sung Park
Another prize for talented conductor
Constantine Orbelian is the conductor, which the singer can only dream of
Constantine Orbelian awards the prize to June-Sung Park
Director of the Kaunas city symphony orchestra, Algimantas Treikauskas
June-Sung again
Chief Conductor of the Athens Symphony Orchestra, Michalis Economou
Michalis Economou awards the prize to Miran Vaupotić
“The best interpretation of the Symphony No 102 by Joseph Haydn”
We are extremely happy to receive this special award
State Youth Orchestra of Armenia won a special prize
President of the WFIMC, Didier Schnorhk
Our dearest friend, pianist and conductor Vag Papian
Vag Papian awards the prize to Boon Hua Lien
Special prize established by Ludwig van Beethoven Association awarded to Toshifumi Kanai
This year we have 2 winners !!!
Welcome our winners !!!
Step to the musical Olympus. Done
Boon Hua Lien's performance during the Gala Concert
Boon Hua Lien enjoys applauses
Toshifumi Kanai conducts the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia
Toshifumi Kanai's performance at the Gala Concert
Miran Vaupotić is going to perform with the conducting baton of Aram Khachaturian
Miran Vaupotić and SYOA
Special thanks to Lusy Sargsyan who is the author of these outstanding photos
First performance of the winner
No judgments. No rules. Just pleasure.
June-Sung Park
Miran Vaupotić passes the estafette to June-Sung Park
Khachaturian would be very proud to see this miracle
Winner's performance
June-Sung Park holds Aram Khachaturian's conducting baton
True relic: Maestro Khachaturian's conducting baton
Sad moment when you realize that this beautiful feast became a past
Champion #1
Champion #2
Behind the scenes
Behind the secenes
That pleasant moments of relax
Perfect combination of participants and volunteers
The competition wouldn't be so good if we didn't have Sona Matinyan